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Rieber GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Reutlingen, is one of the leading providers of kitchen solutions both for professional caterers and for private use at home. Rieber employs around 600 people at four production sites in Reutlingen and Trebbin. Subsidiaries are based in Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and the UK as well as sales offices in Dubai and Singapore. Rieber is represented by partners in all European countries and in many countries worldwide. We provide solutions for every step of the cooking process: from storage and preparation through cooking, air extraction and cleaning till food transportation and meal distribution. Our clients are restaurants, hotels, caterers, schools and children gardens, hospitals and residential care facilities as well as military operations. We create dining culture and play a major role in people´s quality of life and health at every stage of life – from childhood to senior citizenship. Rieber is a part of maxmaier® Business Group.

Products and services

The history of Rieber began in 1925, when the company was founded as a carpentry workshop in Reutlingen. In 1964, Rieber introduced the Gastronorm (GN) standard in Europe. With a wide range of GN pans, Rieber paved the way for uniform working and set the most important standard in professional kitchens which is still valid today. The first stainless steel Rieber thermoport® made its market debut in 1968, followed ten years later by the first one in plastic. This innovation is still one of our core products to this day. thermoplates®, the first ever cookware in GN format, came along in 2007. In 2009 the K|POT fulfilled the system for every requirement of modern catering. Another important field of our activities is the meal distribution in hospitals. Along with different trolleys and dispensers we provide also different solutions for “tray-food”. At the PIR in Moscow Rieber presents all its core products: GN pans, thermoplates®, thermoports®, K|POT, banquet and tray trolleys etc.
K|POT – the intelligent chafing dish


The intelligent table-top device enables perfect cooking and meal presentation anytime, anywhere, without a chef or trained staff. Ones of the places it has been used were the 2010/2014 Football World Cups in South Africa and Brazil.

3 functions in one device: reheating of precooked chilled meals, gentle hot holding and cooking.
Available in 2 colours and sizes.

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thermoport® made of stainless steel or plastic

The “Original” for transportation, keeping hot/cold, cooking and serving! Double walled, insulated with CFC-free PU foam, tightly welded, as top or front loader. Available as neutral, heated or refrigerated version. Different models and sizes: from single portion for meal distribution in hospitals till maxi trolley for bigger events.


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Banquet trolleys

Ideal companions for the hot or cold holding of meals for a successful banquet. Double walled, insulated, with one or two doors. Compartment with seamless deep-drawn runners for excellent hygiene and easy cleaning. Available as standard or as less expensive light execution in the heated version.

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Rieber GmbH & Co. KG
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72770 Reutlingen

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Natalia Antonova
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News & Innovations

Rieber’s tray system for meal distribution in hospitals and solutions for “Meals on wheels”
Truly professional in-house food distribution counts for a lot. For hospital or home managers just as much as for patients. While organizers are concerned to distribute meals as economically and efficiently as possible in line with HACCP hygiene regulations, patients appreciate being served food which is tasty and arrives at the right temperature - all helping to return them quickly to good health.
Rieber has in its portfolio different systems for individually-portioned meals:

- Combitray (insulation of single plates on the tray)
- Thermotray (completely insulated tray)
- Individual boxes for food trasportation thermoport® 10, 20 and 21

Well thought-out design, reliable quality, durable, physiologically safe polypropylene (PP) and excellent insulation guarantee the delivery of your dishes with the prescribed temperature.
And for meal distribution in the central kitchen Rieber produces all necessary equipment: conveyors, carts, dispensers etc.
Visit us on our booth 2C32, hall 14 to learn more!

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Innovative digitalisation and organisation system CHECK
How can we guarantee the best possible food everywhere and at all times?

We put humans and food at the focus of our products/solutions, as well as the responsible use of limited resources such as energy, water and time. In particular we strive for food quality, safety and low operating costs in situations where there is a space/time gap between food production and consumption. CHECK is an innovative solution to achieve better transparency and safety in the entire food flow process. All data and processes in the areas of organisation, temperature measurement (HACCP) and transportation through to hygiene can be digitally captured and organised with the CHECK digitalisation and organisation system by using QR codes attached to appliances and containers. Operating instructions, recipes, allergens etc. are possible here.
Just imagine that you were able to see on your smartphone where your food is located at this very moment and what temperature it is.
Make your daily work easier with CHECK!

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